Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Film Posters and Magazine reviews

I have been researching many different film posters that are seems to be labelling happiness throughout. I came across alot, but decided to narrow it down to only two that i would analyse.
 Here is a film poster for the hit comedy Step Brothers. You notice that on the front of this film cover there is two averaged aged men, that seem to be portraying happiness. This seems to be happiness

Target audience

As our film is a documentary on happiness, it appeals to women and young teenage girls mainly. But it basically has a wide audience, because most people want to find out why people are happy and what causes such a good feeling. The reason why people are going to think it just applys to women and teenage girls is because one of the main reasons people are happy is because of love. We dont really expect men to be watching films or reading up about love, as its unusual.
Throughout our documentary we are not only just going to be using love as a key to happiness, we are also going to be using family and friends and even how the smallest things such as a shopping day out with friends make people happy.

Auteur Theory

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What is a short film?

Our short film has got to be at least 5 minutes long, with a detailed explanation of what the film is about. In actual fact a short film is around 40-45 minutes long. In our 5 minutes we have to make sure we have got everything covered that is asked for, such as the story line of the film, and then the conclusion to the film. Like our film is a documentary on happiness, so meaning by the end of our film we have to make sure we have answered the question "what is happiness?", this will be the conclusion.

Monday, 2 July 2012


I have recently created my blog. Me and Ellie Radford have decided to do a short film on the meaning of happiness. We have decided that we are going to find different kinds of happiness between a variety of ages of people. Varing from teenagers to elderly. Then we also decided that we were going to do interviews between people, to make our film a little more exciting, we were going to film the interviews in different venues, ranging from parks, shopping centres, colleges and maybe some other destinations.
We basically want to explore what makes people happy? And by interviewing different people we believe that this will fullfill our goal because we will be finding out a variety of happiness.